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Compact high-precision ohm meter

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PROMET SE is a compact, battery-operated ohm meter with an adjustable test current of up to 200 A. Two current outputs and two voltage measurement inputs allow the resistance to be determined at two measurement points simultaneously. Flexible handling with battery operation and the high functionality and precision which are characteristic of the popular PROMET product range make this universal measuring device particularly suitable for portable use in switching stations or industrial environments. Four-wire measuring technology enables PROMET SE to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements, making it ideal for the high-precision determination of resistances in the μΩ range.


  • Determination of resistance at two measurement points
  • Assessment of the quality of connections
  • Measurement with temperature compensation
  • Integration in circuit breaker testing with ACTAS
  • Dynamic resistance determination for up to 6 main contacts
  • Results management and test report output via PC

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