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Giving control back to end users

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Honeywell, one of the world’s leading providers of technology for the home, including heating controls, smart home technology, as well as security and door entry, has launched a new range of wireless and wired doorbells which communicate using both sound and light, pushing the boundaries of innovation for the 21st Century home. The doorbells help end users take control of how and when they are alerted that someone is at their door, ensuring they never miss a delivery and are not unnecessarily disturbed.


Honeywell’s doorbells provide peace of mind. For example, by quickly pressing on the doorbell push button three times, the secret knock function plays a different melody to notify if a family member or friend is at the door.

The doorbells are offered in three ranges, Series 3, 5 and 9. They also come with an optional screw-free installation. Additionally, doorbells come with the option to convert an existing wired doorbell system into a wireless system, with the purchase of a converter; ideal for retrofitting older buildings or flats.

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