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Type 1 Lightning current and surge arrester for Electroacoustic systems.

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The new DEHNvario combined arrester from DEHN protects electroacoustic systems e.g. voice alarm, Public Address and loudspeaker systems from damaging lightning effects and surges. The performance parameters of the arrester and its high nominal current ensures safe operation of electroacoustic systems even during thunderstorms. 

The DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM protects one cable pair and allows direct or indirect shield earthing. The plug-in design enables fast installation without tools and also has an integrated remote signalling contact. Easy replacement of the arrester is ensured by the integrated terminal unit which can be released and then removed from the enclosure. 

This new arrester is the first device of the new DEHNvario product series. This series is a new product platform which provides the flexibility to create different types of DEHNvario devices for a variety of applications from a common platform. 


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