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Long term cable protection 

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Flexible conduit from Flexicon will help to keep the power running for a Liverpool primary school’s photovoltaic installation over the next 20 years.

The 24 kW system is part of a regeneration scheme for the Kingsley Community School, which is seeking to reduce its long-term electricity bills and its carbon footprint.  The 24.3 kWp Solar PV system on the roof will generate an estimated 19,270 kWh per year, which equates to an income and savings of £4187.36 per year.  Over its projected lifespan of 20 years this would amount to £83,747.20. 

The project used different protective conduit systems from Flexicon, dependent on the potential hazards faced.  Feed-it-Green specified Flexicon’s FPAS non-metallic conduit to protect the cabling on the roof.  This provides enhanced UV resistance, good compression strength and when used with the FPA fitting has an IP rating of IP66.  


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