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BTL Certification awarded 

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Carlo Gavazzi’s SB2WEB24 BACnet gateway has received the European BTL Certification as BACnet application specific controller.  The controller has gone through rigorous testing relating to its BACnet functionality and has now been approved and listed by BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) ensuring that the device meets the BACnet standard.

Carlo Gavazzi’s SB2WEB24 is a configurable BACnet gateway which converts smart Dupline Modules, smart Dupline Signals and Energy Meter data points to BACnet objects. 

The Carlo Gavazzi Dupline smart building system 2 wire-bus provides many advantages in building automation installations. Unlike RS485 based solutions, Dupline can be wired using free topology for the cable including ring, star etc., the cable does not need to be screened or twisted and it can be run next to power cables without fear or interference. 

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