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Making the connection at St Helens 

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Wieland Electric’s structured wiring system, Metalynx2 has been used for the connection of power and lighting in the newly redeveloped 5-7 St Helens Place, Bishopsgate, London. Installed and specified by The Designer Group, the Metalynx2 structured wiring system allowed for easy installation on site and maximised productivity.

The use of Wieland’s Metalynx2 at St Helens Place allowed for  recessed modular lighting and power to be fed via separate MDB’s with home runs along the containment route out to open plan office areas. Using the Wieland structured armoured system allowed for 70% reduction in man hours as it comes compete on site for easy connection. Wieland’s extenders, tees and fused spurs were also used to feed LCMs and coil fans on site. 


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