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BPC Energy manufactures and distributes a wide range of UPS and related power protection products. BPC is a the forefront of modern power protection technology with the expertise in the design, development and manufacture of special and custom battery systems enabling us to meet the diverse needs of the military & government markets. 

The BPC PowerPro EF 300 series UPS sets ground breaking standards for technical innovation using the latest DSP technology. 

The PowerPro EF range by BPC is now available up to 500kVA capacity with one of the smallest footprints, higher efficiency and a greater control of all the UPS subsystems making it ideally suited for advanced enterprise computing installations and for the environmentally aware client. 

BPC Energy is also now offering a 5 year warranty on all models in the PowerPro EF three phase UPS range, representing a confidence in the reliability of the product allowing peace of mind and security for the clients long term investment for their back up power installation. 

With minimum footprint, fewer components and controlled levels of noise pollution it has a significantly reduced environmental impact. Therefore, with the Eco-friendly UPS range it is feasible to design a UPS with a reduced carbon footprint whilst still achieving clean continuous power for industrial computing installations. 

BPC Energy

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