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The safety control for the next generation – now!

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When space in the control cabinet is at a premium there are significant benefits to sourcing products that deliver all of the functionality in a compact design. With a housing width of just 45 mm, Wieland’s samos PRO COMPACT is clearly the safety control of the next generation

The samos PRO COMPACT features 20 safe inputs, 8 safe outputs Max. Utilising 4 configurable safe in-/outputs to achieve these maximums; making it the most flexible solution for many safety applications. Furthermore, for comprehensive applications, the system can be extended with additional in-/outputs modules, allowing as many as 116 secure inputs and 56 secure outputs. Making the samos PRO COMPACT ideal precondition for flexible, secure safety automation – ensuring consistent conformability for small & large machines and systems alike.

All inputs and outputs of the system have an optical Indication to which connections are explicitly assigned. This arrangement makes it very quick and easy to visualise the operating status of a machine.

Fully networked

The samos PRO COMPACT is supplied complete with industrial ethernet protocols, while a variety of fieldbus gateways modules can be incorporated as required. Consequently, this allows not only all industrial ethernet fieldbus protocols but on can incorporate within the base unit Modbus communication giving the option for increased networking with a reduction in cost and space, taking industrial communication for safety to a new level.

With Integrated USB and ethernet interfaces this enables the potential for remote access to the system, so that the user has greater transparency during the project planning phase and in operation.

When the going gets tough

The samos PRO COMPACT has been designed to deliver reliable performance in even the toughest of conditions. It’s exceptionally wide ambient temperature range, from -25°C to +65°C, ensures secure operation in even the most extreme ambient conditions.

Exchangeable memory card

The samos PRO COMPACT features an exchangeable SP-COP-CARD in SD card format with 512 MB of memory space for application programs. This easily accessible feature saves considerable time during commissioning and servicing as pre-programmed functions are easily restored. Or, if required, the card can be transferred to another unit.

Flexible connections

All of the modules of the system are available with either removable screw or push-in terminal blocks, providing enhanced flexibility for the user by enabling them to use their preferred connection technology.

samos PLAN 5+ (the software)

The samos PRO COMPACT is fully compatible with the easy-to-use samos PLAN 5+ programming tool which can be obtained free from Wieland. Through its graphical user interface samos PLAN 5+ enables quick and easy configuration and parameterisation of inputs and outputs as required, with no requirement for special knowledge of PLC programming languages.

Highly adaptable

The comprehensive library of certified, tried and tested function blocks makes it easier to realise all safety functions. In fact, over 40 different functions are available at any time and with no additional programming effort.

In addition, the samos PRO COMPACT provides the functionality to generate individual, user-specific function blocks and integrated expertise protection for projects. Also, any user-specific sensors and function blocks can be defined and managed in libraries as needed.

In total, all inputs and outputs, and up to 300 function blocks, can be applied in each project with complete freedom – creating the ideal pre-condition for solving complex, safety tasks. With the benefit and flexibility of being able to start on an individual machine/system and simply expand the samos PRO COMPACT with additional modules and simply extend the program for each addition section.

This is a level of flexibility that is not found in other systems. Indeed, no other system offers greater multi-functionality.

Process simulation

The samos PRO COMPACT incorporates a simulation function with integrated logic analyser. This enables program safety functions to be checked on a PC (without hardware present), helping to spot any potential problems. Or when you are connected to the base unit your can engage the force function to save time on commissioning and raise overall functional security.

Integrated documentation

The integral documentation function will generate a customised report of the project at the press of the button, helping to quickly produce essential machine documentation in compliance with regulations.

Compatible and Convenient

The modern Programming tool samos PLAN 5+ offers open interface at many places and is of course suitable for all Windows operating systems including Windows 8.

Key features and benefits

•    Compact design 45mm housing width.
•    Fully networked on key Field bus systems.
•    Modular Extendibility for I/O and Communications.
•    Extended temperature range -25°C to +65°C
•    Comprehensive library of reliable, certified function blocks.
•    Configurable project documentation at the press of a button.
•    Integrated simulation and logic analysis of the safety functions.
•    Convenient integration in the fieldbus and Ethernet networks.
•    Online diagnosis and remote maintenance for greater transparency.

Wieland is offering the readers of Electrical Engineering the opportunity to purchase a samosPRO COMPACT Introductory Starter Set for £299 – that’s a saving of over £370 on the list price of £670! The starter Pack includes :

Samos Pro Compact module with Ethernet interface
SD Memory card
USB Cable
Ethernet cable
Free software download
For more details on this offer please contact the sales desk at [email protected]

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