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Protecting the ultimate enclosure!

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The ultimate goal of any hatchery is to maximize hatchability and chick quality. Founded in 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio, Chick Master is arguably one of the most established, experienced and successful hatchery producers in the world.

Based on their long history of growth and innovation, Chick Master has developed a number of highly successful and efficient incubation systems that are basically designed to recover heat from the developing embryos and recycle it into the incoming hatchery environment.

Whilst focusing on the dynamic link between ventilation and incubation, Chick Master chose Fibox to supply two sizes of the innovative ARCA IEC enclosure range (ARCA 403015 and ARCA 604021) to house and protect the vital Zeus RiO ventilation control systems, which is at the heart of their new CC3 2700 and 5400 systems that are optimized to manage hatcheries or facilitate hatchery expansions producing from 190,000 to 380,000 eggs per week.


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