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New solution for energy storage

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Register your interest for the launch of Powerstar Storage, the new revolutionary solution from voltage optimisation brand, Powerstar.

Due to be launched early 2015, Powerstar Storage – a power storage system – will utilise and extend the unique design of the Powerstar voltage optimisation solution, to divert energy saved from the site load, site supply or renewable sources into storage. The energy can then be automatically utilised at the point of maximum financial benefit to the end user. The innovative new system is set to revolutionise energy storage by delivering maximum financial benefits to the end user.

All Powerstar systems have a patented design which means regardless of the type of load connected, savings will be achieved through negative power. In essence, any excess voltage above the Powerstar set-point, is returned back to the grid, which flows towards the supply and is then subtracted from the incoming power.


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