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Are you paralleling with the grid?

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Avoid possible damage to the connected appliance and benefit from a safe and reliable protection solution.

The DSEP100 mains decoupling relay is designed to protect a wide range of devices generating power in parallel with the mains (utility) supply by reliably detecting mains (utility) failures. These include diesel generators, solar (photovoltaic) panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy assets.

The DSEP100 ensures that when a failure occurs with the mains (utility) supply, it is detected locally and the mains (utility) supply connection is disconnected from the generator (in line with common international requirements), eliminating the possibility of damage to the embedded generating device. It is designed to assist with integration with a number of world standards including G59/3, G83/3 & C10/11.

Simple to use and easy to install, the DSEP100 is the most reliable way to protect your power installation.

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