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Addressing the most critical industry challenges, the latest power monitoring systems from Socomec will be showcased at Data Centre World 2015.

The critical power specialist, Socomec, has developed a broad range of integrated products and services to address four of the most important and topical power issues: availability, efficiency, capacity and flexibility – as well as Total Cost of Ownership.

Socomec is showcasing an integrated range of products and services at Data Centre World 2015, drawing on the expertise from each highly specialized division of the business to provide cost-effective power solutions that are flexible enough to be scaled to address the rapidly changing capacity demands of Data Centres.

Accurate measurement = effective management

Effective energy management starts with the accurate metering, measuring and monitoring of energy usage.

With over 90 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of innovative power systems, Socomec has again set the precedent in leading-edge power monitoring systems with the launch of its latest innovation – DIRIS Digiware.

DIRIS Digiware brings together groundbreaking digital electrical measuring technology – from sensors to software – to deliver unrivalled flexibility.

Totally modular, this fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept comprises a display unit, voltage measurement module and multiple current measurement modules and current sensors as standard.

With fast installation – 4 times quicker than a conventional meter – the DIRIS Digiware delivers exceptional accuracy. Infinitely scalable the potential energy savings combined with low installation costs make this solution self-financing – with payback possible within just 6 months.

Socomec Modulys GP2.0 – in-built flexibility

Socomec’s Modulys Green Power UPS – designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity andscalability – is ideal for use in the most demanding critical IT applications and Data Centres.

The range offers power scalability up to 600kW, making it ideal for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions.

Furthermore, the installed power of a single system can be increased up to 200kW by adding power modules in increments of 25kW. For increased and maximum flexibility, 3 parallel systems can be configured horizontally to achieve 600kW.

High Power Solutions- Green Power up to 800kW

Socomec’s Green Power 2.0 – a transformer-less unit – combines unbeatable energy efficiency with unity power to provide the ultimate “future-proof” critical power solution.With units now available from 160kVA to 800kVA a combined focus on performance and efficiency, energy costs and operating expenditure is minimised and uptime is maximised – throughout the equiment lifecycle – delivering savings up to 12% on TCO.

For further information please contact [email protected] or call 01285 86 33 00

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