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Borri announces company name change

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Borri has announced that as of 5 January 2015, the company will be known as Power Control Ltd (PCL).

The company was incorporated 20 years ago and is a prominent uninterruptible power supply (UPS) specialist in the UK. The company is in its sixth year of being Borri Spa’s UK UPS partner. The strategic decision to trade as Borri during this period has given the Borri brand maximum exposure and enabled the company to successfully establish the Borri UPS brand at the forefront of the UK market.

PCL remains the UK partner for Borri Spa and its increased independence will allow the company to become recognised as a leading trade contractor and offer a wider pool of equipment, technical services, project solutions and development tools. 

This scope will further emphasise the business’s commitment to delivering tailored back-up power solutions for the UK and overseas markets.

PCL will continue to receive direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa, the Italian manufacturer. The company will also maintain its high level of engineering involvement, carry on delivering its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and retain its high UPS and product spares stock levels.

Making the announcement, the company’s sales director, Mark Trolley commented: “During the infancy stages of positioning the Borri brand in the UK we made a strategic decision to trade as Borri. This has elevated the brand in the greatest possible way and it is now recognised industry wide.  Changing our name to PCL will enable us to respond to the changing market and customer demands where we will be placing greater emphasis on offering total project solutions.

“The name change essentially is a commercial amendment to create an independently enhanced identity. I would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that the business will operate as usual and they will continue to receive a comprehensive service indicative of the manufacturer. I would also like to thank them for their continued support during this transitional time.

“With regards to Borri Spa, we remain 100% committed to their technologies and will continue to be a proactive supplier of these. We work extremely closely with them and are confident that our quest to offer high efficiency, resilient back-up power solutions will open up exciting new opportunities for both companies.”

The business is in its sixth consecutive year as Borri Spa’s UK partner and its hands on approach to promoting the brand has created an invaluable commercial platform for the Italian manufacturer’s wide range of UPS products.

Based in the UK, the company employs over 60 employees, has a dedicated in-house team of technical engineers and battery build specialists and industry leading stock levels. The company has fast become recognised for its total solutions approach and ability to deliver complete project proposals. {jathumbnail off}

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