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Indian switchgear and protection company aiming for European markets

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Protection: this word means – a person or thing that protects someone or something. The synonyms are defence, shielding, preservation, safeguarding, safety, insurance, indemnity etc. 

NIEL is an expert in protecting equipment and systems connected to electricity and power. It becomes more challenging for anyone to provide a solution when system design is complex or the equipment is sophisticated.

NIEL can be trusted to protect all aspects of your electrical systems from 230volts to 1100volts to 3,300volts to 6,600volts to 11,000 volts to 33,000 volts to 132000 volts to 220,000 volts – we have been there, done it, satisfied our customers and ensured durability of our customers systems and equipment on a routine basis. 

We take responsibility of the entire cycle from design, detail engineering, installation, erection, commissioning, testing and handover.  

With over 45 years of experience and satisfied customers in over 40 countries NIEL is a pioneer in the field of protection and control and an established supplier manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear and supplier of systems and switchyards up to 220kV.  

There are five distinct stages to our design and process. :

Stage one study tender documents, concept, strategy or feasibility

Stage two design concepts and proposals compliance

Stage three detailed design development quality plan and documentation

Stage four implementation: production, mobilisation, installation 

Stage five hand over: Testing and commissioning and as built info

This process may vary for particular projects or design disciplines.

Example: Underground mines: 

Team NIEL has designed special medium voltage panels for one the largest copper mines in the world. Our panels, like the 11kv, 22kv & 33kv metal clad medium voltage panels protecting large HT motors, pumping systems and power circuits, have been working under severe conditions of humidity, dust and temperatures.  

Example: Steel mills: 

Team NIEL has delivered specially designed MV panel systems to one of India’s fastest growing integrated steel complexes in the heart of the Indian steel town. A total of 140 nos  of 11KV Vacuum circuit breaker, metal clad medium voltage protection panels. 

Our strength: Our experienced design and engineering team. 

Our backbone: Our world-class & globally accepted MNC partner – ABB. We are an ABB SYSTEM HOUSE that is exclusively certified to design our solutions around ABB’s cutting edge world-class technology products. 

Our capability is proven by more than a dozen type tests that our panels have been through. Many of them are destructive and very rigorous tests. We are one of the first ABB Systems houses to get our panels tested for Internal Arc Test, to ensure that our design does not and will not harm the user in the unlikely event of a blast. While this may sound simple – please note we have conducted this test live with several safety and design features that are cost intensive. 

Our focus is 100% customer satisfaction – if you buy from NIEL not only do you get a very reliable product but you are also assured of immediate support. Be it installation, erection supervision, trouble shooting, servicing etc. we are there 100%. No excuses.  

Our product range: 

Switch yards – up to 220KV

Transformers – up to 100MVA

Medium voltage panels – VCB & SF6: up to 33kv

GIS Systems – up to 132 KV

STATCOM (as part of package or independent system)


Phone: +44 (0)116 266 5738 

Email: [email protected] 

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