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Loddon’s flood doors pass BRE flood test

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Loddon Door Services based near Reading has been supplying bespoke steel doors to utility companies for many years. A double door version of the Loddon flood door has been tested to PAS 1188-1 for flood resistance by the BRE.

The floods of last winter were not a unique event. Since 2007 insurance claims for flood damage in the UK are estimated to be over £3bn. Many insurance companies are now starting to offer flood cover based on the actual level of risk. This is focussing attention on flood protection products and the standards that assess them. One of the foremost of these is PAS 1188-1 which refers to building aperture products and was developed in 2009. Among other things it provides test methods for evaluating the effectiveness of doors to withstand a static head of water at 3 depths up to 1460mm – or nearly 5ft.

Testing was conducted at 3 depths and assessed against a maximum allowable leakage of 7.1 l/hr. At a depth of 487mm the actual leakage was only 0.24 l/hr. At 973mm it was only 0.49 litres and at the full depth of 1460mm it was still only 0.58 l/hr. The BRE declared the doors had passed the test using the criteria in place at the time, however, in a fast moving world PAS 1188 has already been updated to reduce the allowed leakage levels by half. The Loddon flood doors still achieved the new more demanding requirements with ease.

Numerous utility premises, including electricity sub-stations, have been fitted with Loddon’s commercial steel door solutions to protect against floods and fires as well as providing security and access control for the end user and enabling vital utility services to continue to operate in even in the most adverse conditions.

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