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Set the standard for safe voltage testing

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Martindale Electric has announced the arrival of two new voltage testers which combine enhanced safety and functionality with ease of use.

The new two pole testers auto detect and measure AC/DC voltages from 12V to 690V and include continuity testing with audible and visual indication plus phase rotation measurement capability.

Both VT25 and VT28 use LED indicators for voltage steps and have a white light torch function making it easy to work in low light environments. The VT28 also includes a high contrast LCD display for digital readings.

The new design meets latest requirements of BS EN61243-3, is supplied with removable probe caps for GS38 compliance and is rated at CATIV 600V, CATIII 690V for enhanced safety. The cable is double insulated with a black outer and contrasting inner core to give visual warning of any potential damage. An IP64 rating provides added protection and reliability.

Martindale Electric

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