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Savings potential for companies

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The optimisation provider, Powerstar, has launched a range of flexible leasing packages – with no up-front payments required – making it easier for public and private sector companies in the UK to invest in the well established technology.

Companies investing in Powerstar solutions, which are renowned for reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions, can now use the savings made from installing a system towards monthly lease payments. Re-payments can also be set below the monthly energy savings made, to create a positive cashflow from the outset. All re-payments are 100% tax deductible.

There are two types of lease schemes available, an operating lease and a finance lease.

Voltage Optimisation technology corrects the imbalance between the energy supplied through the National Grid, often as high as 242V, and the voltage required by modern electrical appliances, which are designed to operate efficiently at 220V.


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