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Fixed earthing terminals

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A range of Fixed Earthing Terminals is available from DEHN UK that allows equipotential bonding to be easily carried out to meet the requirements of BSEN62305 and BS7671 17th edition sections 444. 

The fixed earthing terminals can be connected directly to the equipotential bonding network and down conductor system within the structure prior to the concrete being poured. The terminals are manufactured from high quality V4A Stainless Steel to provide a corrosion free connection to the earth-termination system for protective equipotential bonding, functional equipotential bonding or bonding of the down conductor.

They comprises of a flat earth plate complete with a threaded bush with an insulated protective disc which will be the only visible sign that it is installed in the walls of the installation.

Incorporating fixed earth terminals at the design stage of the building concept can future proof the building and give greater flexibility for equipotential bonding connections to be effortlessly carried out in the future to the fixed earth terminals.


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