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‘Invisible’ Occupancy Sensor

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A new super-flat occupancy sensor with a thickness of less than 1mm has been released by building automation specialist B.E.G. The B.E.G.

Luxomat PD11 is so thin it is almost invisible once it has been built into the ceiling but still detects motion and light within an area of up to 9m. It is the latest innovative energy-saving product to be launched by German lighting controls manufacturer B.E.G which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.

The Luxomat PD11 maximises the use of natural daylight so that once occupancy is detected the sensor measures the natural light, compares this against the pre-determined light level and turns the fitting on if below the required level. When the natural daylight increases above this threshold, the sensor will turn the fittings off, even though movement is detected.

B.E.G. (UK)

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