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New white paper details practical considerations for implementing prefabricated data centres

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Implementing prefabricated data centres results in well understood benefits, such as speed of deployment, predictability, scalability and lifecycle cost. However, many of the practical considerations when deploying prefab infrastructure are less well known. Understanding the unique aspects of data centre projects is crucial to avoiding delays, unnecessary costs and, possibly, inefficient operations.

“The process of deploying prefabricated data centres, from designing the facility and preparing the site, to procuring the equipment and proceeding with installation, differs significantly from building a traditional data centre,” says Wendy Torell, senior research analyst at Schneider Electric’s Data Center Science Center.

To meet this need, a new white paper released by Schneider Electric, co-authored by Wendy Torell and colleague Barry Rimmler (data center solutions architect at Schneider Electric), provides a series of practical considerations and guidance, together with the sort of results that a data centre manager might expect from a prefab deployment.

“Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers” (White Paper #166 from Schneider Electric) identifies the key differences between prefab and traditional approaches to data centre deployments, highlighting the changes that the use of factory assembled and tested modules is bringing to the industry.
The new white paper takes a detailed, step-by-step approach to outlining the changes, from the use of reference designs in the planning and design stage, to the type and possible location of various plant modules, procurement, logistics and handling, and positioning and orientation. There’s even advice on placement of modules in areas affected by seismic activity.

White Paper #166 makes the point that while the number of steps is not reduced by taking a prefab approach to the design and installation of data centres and data centre upgrades, they are certainly simplified and shortened to compress the schedule associated with bringing a data centre from concept to completion.

Available for free download via, White Paper #166 “Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers” can be accessed directly by clicking the link. For more details about Schneider Electric’s Prefabricated Data Centre Modules please visit the company’s website, or call 0870 608 8 608.

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