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Electrical Review and Schneider Electric present a webinar on a new generation of energy efficient in-row cooling products

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CLICK HERE to catch up on the 30 minute webinar recording, and learn how to optimise cooling and realise efficiency gains.

Data centre and IT managers are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and boost performance for the good of the environment, as well as the bottom line. Now, making the right choices to optimise for energy and cost savings just got easier. 

In this webinar we discussed an exciting new generation of energy efficient in-row cooling products for the data centre environment.

Topics featured include:
·         In water chilled water product evolution
·         In-row CW – ACRC301H  new product evolution incorporating, build values, efficiency gains, airflow control, solution design
·         Eco-Aisle containment
·         Cooling architectures
·         Optimised management

The webinar is presented by Lubos Vaclavek, business development manager, Schneider Electric.

Lubos is responsible for business development in cooling and new cooling product introduction in EMEA. He has worked for APC and Schneider Electric for over nice years, previously holding a senior platform engineering role with the key focus on cooling solutions for data centre applications. Lubos holds a PhD and masters degree in mechanical engineering with specialties in HVAC and refrigeration from CTU in Prague, Czech Republic and a masters degree in technology management from NUI Galway, Ireland.

CLICK HERE to view the webinar recording

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