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Prefabricated data centre

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Schneider Electric recently announced it had won the bid from Baidu to build an M1 containerised (prefabricated) data centre with Schneider Electric’s prefabricated data centre solutions. As Baidu’s first prefabricated data centre project, the eco-friendly data centre will feature fast deployment, low input and high capability operation from standardised to modular to prefabricated data centre in the age of cloud computing and big data. This project not only meets the needs of Baidu’s rapidly expanding business, but also sets an example for the future of China’s data centre construction.

As the largest Chinese search engine and Chinese website worldwide, Baidu processes billions of search and analysis requests from network users across the world every day. It is thus necessary to have an integrated, comprehensive data centre in order to satisfy this explosive demand and to ensure rapid response, efficient operation while reducing the costs. The Baidu M1 data centre will fill this much needed data management role as the main production data centre, moving towards a “green Baidu.”

Tailored to Baidu’s specifications, Schneider Electric has designed and manufactured two prefabricated modules of the M1 Data Centre with energy saving, performance enhancing solutions such as In-Row air conditioning, and integrated DCIM software as well as  IT cabinets, UPS, cable management, and fire suppression and access security. Each unit is delivered as a complete solution with the IT infrastructure preinstalled in the modules and ready for quick deployment. The modules are constructed with insulated wall panels that are weather proof highly secure, and designed for any environment.  

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