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Dimmable, energy saving, luxury retrofit solution

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Crompton Lamps is releasing a new dimmable LED round lamp. It provides an instant full light with no flickering and is fully dimmable. Following vigorous testing in Crompton’s own research facilities the 4W LED dimmable round, when compared to a 25W incandescent lamp, offers equal or better lumen brightness, longer life and circa 88% in energy savings.

With an A+ energy rating, the lamp still produces a bright light of up to 280 lumens. The LED lamp is available in a BC and SES cap and is designed to replace regular incandescent bulbs. It can come in either Daylight, which produces 380 lumens, or Warm White producing 250 lumens.

All of the specifications claimed on Crompton’s products are matched by genuine product performance.  All Lamps and LEDs are available from stock at competitive pricing.  We value our reputation,  why risk yours with anyone else?

Crompton Lamps

0845 612 8151

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