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Making a splash with product launch

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World leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has launched Triton –the world’s first two-in-one cable guide and clamp, which has been designed specifically to assist in the installation and subsequent restraint of high voltage (HV) cables.

Named after a Greek God, who was proclaimed a messenger of the sea, Triton was aptly designed for an offshore project for Siemens and has now been developed by Ellis into a full range suitable for use with large diameter cables.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “A key factor in our on-going success has been our ability to innovate, but this is the first time we’ve been asked to do so in a live project situation.”

“To come through this challenge with Siemens’ problem solved; a major specification secured; and an entirely new product range ready to launch is a clear demonstration of the expertise and technical know-how Ellis is able to bring to any project – something that really does make us stand out from the opposition.”


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