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Flexible conduit

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Flexible conduit from Flexicon is protecting vital fibre optics in the world’s first fully automated field spectrometer; equipment that is playing a vital role in assessing how ecosystems as diverse as coral reefs and tropical rainforests utilise light.

The challenge faced by the team from Oxford University was how to develop and protect a spectrometer that could be used and left anywhere in the world, including harsh environments such as in the sea.

After joint development work, Flexicon supplied the university with its liquid tight conduit system LTP, offering an ingress protection rating of IP66, IP67, IP68 (at 5 bar pressure) and IP69 when LTP fittings are used.  The flexible conduit system also has a high mechanical strength, good flexibility, is UV resistant and can be used across a wide range of temperatures from -200C to +1050C.


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