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Avoiding Part L risks

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Following implementation of the new Building Regulations Part L this April, concerns are growing that greater air-tightness in new housing could increase carbon monoxide poisoning risks, justifying more stringent requirements for CO alarms.

Mandatory requirements for CO alarms are dealt with by Building Regulations Part J – but this is woefully inadequate, only requiring a CO alarm with installation of certain, solid fuel heating appliances. Clearly, an update of Part J is urgently called for to address the problem. In the meantime, all those involved with housing should consider fitting CO alarms as a matter of course. And the latest generation of self-contained CO alarms with sealed-in battery from Kidde provide a safe, cost-effective solution.

Kidde’s 10LLCO is the only range of 10-year guaranteed alarms with CO sensors – the key component – actually tested throughout a 10-year period or longer.

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