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Monitoring solutions

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Omicron has established a new business segment called Monitoring Solutions. It is focused on providing customised system solutions for the online condition monitoring of electrical equipment, such as generators, motors and high-voltage cables. Monitoring enables early detection of potential breakdowns to ensure reliable system operation, to extend asset life-time and to improve maintenance practices.


The expanding line of portable and fixed-installed Omicron OMS online monitoring systems provides temporary or continuous assessment of partial discharge (PD) in insulation in high-voltage assets under load. Fixed-installed OMS systems also provide real-time monitoring of temperature and oil pressure in high-voltage cable systems.

Each OMS system solution can be individually designed to meet specific customer re-quirements. The systems include capacitive or inductive sensors, a data acquisition unit, a data server and analysis software to capture and interpret data in real-time.

Omicron Energy Solutions

+44 (0)1785 251000

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