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Groundbreaking iSkinny electric radiator from My Electric Radiators

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The very latest groundbreaking iSkinny electric radiator from My Electric Radiators is the latest in energy efficient heating technology. This best-selling model features in depth programming, thermostatic controllability and is available in a variety of sizes tailored to fit any room. This model is not only stylish but in fact the slimmest electric radiator on the market, at only 5.8cm in depth. All our radiators are manufactured in Europe using durable high quality European components, because of our confidence in the performance and quality of these radiators, they are also sold with a lifetime warrantee on the body and a 2 year warranty on any electric components.

In addition to being economical, all of our radiator models – SlimPro, Sublime, iSkinny and iSkinny Towel Rail – involve no intensive labour upon installation, with fitting completion time in under 15 minutes, each unit simply plugs into a standard 13amp socket without any piping or intrusive cables. Featuring the most precise and intelligent thermostat on the market, our radiators allow accurate and economical power consumption. Once a space has reached the required temperature the thermostat ensures that only the precise amount of energy required will be utilised to maintain that temperature.

All our radiators can be programmed to allow preferred temperatures to be set hour-by-hour. This gives the user unparalleled control meaning it is far more economical to leave our radiators running 24/7, programming lower temperatures for times you will be absent from your property. This method is without a doubt most economical during the cold winter months and of course they can still be overridden at any time/turned off.

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