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Brady Debuts the BMP 21-PLUS hand-held label printer

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New label printer combines a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities

Brady, a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, recently launched the BMP™21-PLUS Hand-held Label Printer for electrical, telecom, datacom and general industrial environments. The new printer combines a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities for wires and cables, terminal blocks, patch panels, flat surfaces and more. “BMP21-PLUS improves your labelling experience by bringing together the brains and the brawn needed to take on the day-to-day rigours of any job”, says Cindy Van den Bremt, EMEA Product Manager for mobile printing systems at Brady Corporation.

Tough on the outside

The shape of the BMP21-PLUS printer has been re-engineered for enhanced durability and ergonomics, with a centre balance and ridges for easy gripping and handling. The high visibility yellow and black colours and protective rubber bumpers give the printer jobsite visibility backed by proven performance. It has passed shock and vibration testing, per MIL-STD-810G Method 5.16.6 S4.6.5, to demonstrate that it can take a beating and still perform.

Smart on the inside

Not only has the BMP21-PLUS been made tougher on the outside, it is also smarter on the inside. The printer features a new Lithium-ion long-life battery, a large back-lit LCD display and a graphics library with 104 symbols for electric, smart home, safety and datacom applications. It also has automatic label formatting for nine common applications, including wire markers, patch panels and circuit breaker boxes, allowing users to simply drop in a label cartridge and begin printing.

These elements are enhanced by the printer’s expanded material colour and size options, including 70 highly engineered material parts up to 19 mm wide continuous label formats. Once the label is printed and cut, the grabber feature holds onto the label and prevents it from falling off and onto the ground.

Value for money

“The structural integrity and wide range of printing capabilities alone make the BMP21-PLUS stand out in the marketplace. Plus, when you add in its attractive entry level price point, the printer becomes too good to pass up,” adds Cindy Van den Bremt. “What’s more, you can rest assured that your printer will remain in top working condition with the standard two year warranty.”

Available accessories for the BMP™21-PLUS Label Printer include a heavy duty magnet accessory for the convenience of hands-free printing and a multifunctional accessory which includes magnet, flashlight and retractable printer stand for easy handling.

A label printer for your needs

BMP21-PLUS KITS have been created containing accessories and label cartridges for specific markets and applications in electrical, telecom and datacom markets. Delivered in a hard case, the printer kit dedicated to your market immediately enables you to take on any identification challenge on the job.

The BMP21-PLUS is part of a family of portable label printers, ranging from entry level printers such as the BMP21-PLUS, to mid range printers like BMP41, BMP51 and BMP53 to high end, versatile portable printing systems such as the BMP71.

Selecting the best printer for your specific labelling requirement is driven by application, size, colour and quantity of labels you need. Portability or connectivity options may also be of consideration. Brady’s Portable Printer Selection Guide helps you select the right portable printer for your specific needs to make sure you can use the best system available to tackle your challenges.

With the release of the BMP™21-PLUS printer, the current BMP™21 Label Printer is discontinued. The accessories and supply cartridges for the BMP21 printer will also work in the new BMP21-PLUS printer.

To learn more about Brady’s new BMP™21-PLUS printer, visit or email






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