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Type 2 surge arrester with IP65 protection

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Surge damages are the most common cause of damages submitted to insurance companies on photovoltaic systems. To protect PV systems from this type of damage, reliable surge protection is required. However, when installing these devices, the electrician frequently faces the problem that no insulating enclosure is available for a DIN rail-mounted device or that the inverter lacks space for the devices

The DEHNcube YPV SCI surge arrester is compact and easy to install due to its spring loaded terminals and can be quickly and flexibly used. With its own IP65 insulated enclosure the product can be quickly installed in protected outdoor locations.


DEHNcube YPV SCI can be used up to a maximum PV voltage UCPV 1000 V and is available in two versions (1 MPPT and 2 MPPT). The tried and tested SCI technology with integrated d.c. fuse in the short-circuit path allows DEHNcube to be used in PV systems up to ISCPV = 1000 A without additional backup fuse.


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