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300% increase in enquiries

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Borri is going from strength to strength and has reported a 300% increase in standby generator product and maintenance enquiries.

Borri prides itself on its technical prowess across not just leading edge UPS systems but also high performance generators and other associated equipment.

Borri’s expansive knowledge of these two critical power protection solutions means it is able to select systems that work synergistically together to eliminate any potential faults and failures. Borri’s director, Mark Trolley commented: “Ensuring a generator and UPS system work together is not as simple as it may first appear, the two components need to be synchronised to work with each other and many users are looking for a single point of contact to ensure they work correctly together.

“It cannot be assumed one will automatically work with another and our team know exactly which solutions to choose to deliver the best fit. With over two decades of back-up power experience, we can expertly select, design and test the most suitable equipment by assessing environmental conditions, physical barriers and sizing.”



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