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Jobs for the Girls

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The third in a series of four Jobs for the Girls Academy sessions takes place at the end of April focussing on ‘Future Technology’ and Scolmore Group will be taking part to share their expertise on the subject of Wireless RF Technology to the gathered audience of aspiring female electricians.


Set up in 2011 the Jobs for the Girls Academy aims to encourage more women into the sector by providing valuable industry-based learning that will enhance their career opportunities.

Scolmore Group has long been an advocate of supporting newcomers in the industry, as its involvement with the NICEIC and the UK National Apprentice of the Year testifies.  Comments Marie Parry, Scolmore marketing manager:  “With an estimated 1 in every 1,000 electrical contractors being female, there is clearly a huge job to do to encourage and facilitate women into this male dominated industry.  We are already working with NICEIC to provide one day training programmes on home automation to electrical contractors, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to get in front of this dedicated female audience to share our knowledge and experience, and to enhance their learning.”

Jobs for the  Girls Academy Session 3: Future Technology takes place on 30 April.

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