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J&K Ross: Powerteam high flying investment offers protection

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Northern Ireland construction company, Powerteam, is flying high with its latest investment of £200k in top-of-the-range protective clothing for its workforce as the company

responsible for making the garments also makes clothing for military pilots, including the Red Arrows.

Managing Director of Powerteam, which builds and refurbishes electricity substations and overhead lines, Alastair Dawson said: “Our employees work in

some of the toughest environmental conditions and remotest areas of the UK and Ireland. So they need clothing that offers protection from the elements but that still allows them to carry out their duties freely and without hindrance.

“The most important aspect of the clothing is the protection it gives them against electrical incidents which is why we chose a company that has a proven track record in providing state-of-the-art solutions for people working in our industry.”

The ‘best in class’ protective clothing, supplied by specialist company J & K Ross comes in a range of garments suited to the rigours of working outside and with specialised high voltage electrical equipment.

Neil Wilcock, Sales Director, J & K Ross said: “Powerteam has selected a range of garments which fall into the best in class category of protective work wear. This accolade is achieved through using only the best available technical fabrics, such as Nomex® and GoreTex® coupled with advanced ergonomic design and high quality construction and manufacturing.

“The clothing offers high levels of protection from electrical flashover and flash fire risks whilst comfort for the wearer is maintained as it is possible to utilise light weight fabrics without sacrificing safety performance”, commented Neil.

Alastair continued: “Employee safety is paramount to us so it is comforting knowledge that our front-line staff is protected by the best clothing and expertise available.”

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