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Work Safety Solutions has launched a new Large Lockout Kit for 2014, this kit incorporates a wide range of Masterlock electrical and valve lockout devices as well as nine padlocks and six hasps, the kit is stored in a Stanley wheeled heavy duty tool bag and is competitively priced at £369.00.

A new compact electrical starter kit for £39.05, which contains the six most popular MCB lockout devices and an S31 padlock is ideal for electricians and will help to keep workers safe in electrical maintenance and installations.

Now listed is the Abus T84/40 padlock – a solid brass marine grade weatherproof padlock with a coloured

Vinyl case, popular as an electrical lock off padlock. We supply only top quality branded safety padlocks from Masterlock and Abus, using the one padlock one key one employee system.


Work Safety Solutions

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