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Tailored lighting control

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Delmatic are supplying a comprehensive lighting management system for the new Commodity Quay development at St Katherine’s Dock in the heart of London. The system uses a range of Delmatic products to ensure the lighting control is precisely tailored to the needs of each space.

The system controls, manages and monitors lighting throughout the building.  Lighting in tenant office areas, reception and landlord’s core areas uses DALI addressable luminaires linked to a central control system through DALI  Buswire and DALI plug-in modules. In office areas the control strategy combines presence and absence detection with daylight dimming in perimeters zones. Presence detection is also used in the landlord’s and toilet core areas to provide demand-controlled lighting.

Lighting in the reception and entrance areas is controlled by Dali scene-setting modules and panels, so that different lighting scenes and ambiences can be selected to suit times of day, special events etc.


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