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High flexibility and adjustable current range

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TALEXX converter TOP is the latest addition to Tridonic’s new converter portfolio, providing exceptional versatility within the range to meet a variety of applications. These converters also incorporate advanced protection functions to ensure long life of the LED light sources.

In all models in the series the current range can be adjusted in small steps between 350 milliamps (mA) and 1750 mA, depending on the wattage, to provide the perfect conditions for the particular application. Comfort and protection functions such as precise setting of the output current, temperature management and integrated temperature monitoring ensure reliable luminaire operation throughout its life.

The main features of the TALEXXconverter TOP are high efficiency of up to 92% and an adjustable current range. Depending on the wattage, the converters are designed for LED operating currents of 150 mA to 400 mA, 350 mA to 900 mA or 900 mA to 1750 mA.


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