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Borri powers up for data centre expansion

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Following the rapid uptake of space in Everest Data Centre’s first hall and having already surpassed the 40% occupation mark, the co-located facility in Reading is accelerating the development of its second data hall.

Continued interest in the new facility means that space is going fast and in anticipation of the imminent developments, Borri has been commissioned to fast-track the supply of a further two B9600FXS, 400kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.


Named earlier this year as the sole UPS systems provider for Everest, the leading UPS specialist has already completed the supply, installation and commissioning of four ultra-high efficiency Borri  B9600FXS 400kVA UPS units and two B9000FXS 125kVA systems, which are now fully operational and providing reliable back-up power.

Commenting on the work carried out so far, Everest Data Centre owner, Ed Butler said: “The first phase of this site development has far exceeded our expectations. We have been very lucky to have all elements come together so smoothly. Our suppliers, including Borri have worked exceptionally hard to achieve our first data hall ahead of schedule.

Borri in particular has been extremely thorough and has carried out some of the finest battery work that I have seen. The company’s knowledge of the industry and of specific data centre environments has been invaluable. Its technical engineers are always well presented, professional, notably conscientious and have without a doubt helped to drive through the first build phase.”

With Everest ramping up the gears on the development of its next data hall, the two additional Borri B9600FXS UPS units will be positioned in an dual corded A+B configuration, which will deliver complete redundancy and remove any single points of failure from the co-location site.

Designed and manufactured with ultimate power resilience in mind, Borri’s B9600FXS and B9000FXS UPS series are both widely used within the data centre industry. They are renowned for their unparalleled performance and intuitive technologies, which has made them the number one choice amongst leading data centre managers.

All of Borri’s three phase UPS systems come with a unique three year manufacturer’s warranty, which can help to dramatically reduce any unplanned maintenance costs and is a huge benefit, especially to new builds such as Everest.

Butler concluded: “We have been very pleased with the performance of Borri’s UPS systems. The physical design of the solutions makes them very accessible and so easy to maintain. We have already accumulated a forward order book for our second data hall and we are actively looking to add another network provider to the carrier neutral site, to bring our list of carriers on site up to six.

“The final data halls, 3 and 4, have not been fitted out yet and are available as bespoke design and build facilities.”

To find out more about the availability at Everest Data Centres please contact 0118 3800 599 or for more information on Borri’s extensive range of UPS products and services or to arrange a free site survey please visit or call 0800 136 993.



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