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New padlocks for lockout/tagout

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Brady Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of safety identification solutions, has added three new padlock products to an already extensive product range in specialised lockout/tagout locks. “We added compact aluminium padlocks, long body safety padlocks and reinforced padlocks”, said Dominique Roosen, product manager EMEA Safety & Facility Identification Solutions at Brady. “We believe these new locks will be helpful in specific lockout/tagout situations in a large number of companies.” Quality padlocks are an essential element in any lockout/tagout procedure. These locks ensure machine energy remains locked out for the duration of maintenance operations, until every maintenance worker involved has removed his or her personal, and uniquely keyed, padlock.

Padlocks that are well suited to their application ensure continued use and professionally locked out machinery. “The new padlock types are a response to specific situations our customers have encountered”, said Roosen. “We added them to our padlock product range to increase our capability to provide the best padlock for our customer’s application.” “Choice in padlock characteristics and quality are determined by the working environment in which they are used”, said Roosen. “In electrical applications, for example, non conductive padlocks will be used. Aluminium padlocks do well in humid environments. To lock out electrical panels, lightweight padlocks are required. When multiple teams and subcontractors are active, colour-coded padlocks will help employees recognise who locked out an energy source. Our new additions will enable maintenance workers to better deal with small devices and lockout ready equipment, to add more information on their lock or use highly isolated locks.

• Compact aluminium padlock: compact and lightweight, it is best used to lockout small devices and lockout ready equipment. Its aluminium casing ensures admirable performance and durability in humid or outside environments.

• Long body safety padlock: ideal to lock out industrial machinery; its non-conductive and non-sparking body is twice as long as normal padlocks. It offers space for a larger tag containing more information, or bilingual information.

• Safety security padlocks: nylon encased, these aluminium core and steel shackle padlocks offer excellent physical strength and electric shock isolation. They are ideal to lock out electrical applications.

The new, quality padlock ranges further strengthen the availability of a comprehensive lockout/tagout offer for maximum safety and security during maintenance operations.

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