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Cables protected from rodent attack

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When power or communications cables are installed in rural areas including within farm buildings, roof voids or cellars, there is a risk of attack from rodents. Traps, poisons or sonic deterrents are mainly ineffective, but electrical conduit manufacturer, Adaptaflex, has a solution. Protecting power or communications cables and wires from rodents is vital because by chewing through them appliances can be shorted, the electrical system damaged and the risk of fire increased.

Thermoplastic PVC materials actually absorb a rodent’s scent and as a result, other rodents may attack it and cause the damage. Adaptaflex has recommended the use of its nylon based, non-metallic flexible conduit as an effective solution. Nylons do not retain the rodent’s scent and therefore nylon based conduit systems can effectively protect exposed runs of thermoplastic (PVC) insulated and sheathed cables.


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