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Reverse vandalism

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Last month in Boston, Lincolnshire, the myth surrounding the idea that CCTV is used only as a deterrent to stop crime was well and truly exploded. On prime-time television, viewers around the globe witnessed a group of youths bending a previously vandalised bike-rack back into position, with CCTV images broadcasting the whole incident with crystal-clear quality.


Quality CCTV images were being transmitted wirelessly back to the town’s security control room using equipment supplied by specialist outdoor wireless CCTV company, Wavesight. Operators at the new control room can clearly be seen zooming in on the youths and watching them as they carefully bend the bike rack into position. In July, facilities management and security company, OCS, updated the Boston CCTV camera system to future-proof it for years to come. Removing the old analogue cameras and leased fibre lines, they utilised Wavesight’s transmission products to provide a wireless solution using the latest in IP cameras supplied by Panasonic.


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