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Out of sight, out of mind

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Wieland has chosen LuxLive for the UK launch of the new gesis MICRO connector system on stand H9 – the ideal solution for connecting discreet LED lighting in showcases or shelves where space is at a premium, so that nothing detracts from the items on display. The gesis CONNECT system is so small that it fits into spaces where other connectors can’t go, and only requires a small drilled hole for running the lines through.


Easy to install and reconfigure thanks to its ‘plug and play’ functionality, gesis MICRO is matched to the rest of the versatile gesis family. So when you buy gesis MICRO you are buying into a complete system that can extend the installation as far as the earth contact plug of the power cord. Suitable for feeding power supply units or low voltage distribution (230V/2.5A, 12V/6A and 24V/6A ratings), gesis MICRO features a backbone comprising one 3-pole and three 2-pole codings complete with adapter cables – with each coding colour being assigned to an application. A 6-way distribution block is also available. Samples can be obtained at the show.

Wieland Electric

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