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Energy saving batten mount controls

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Danlers Batten Mount PIR Occupancy controls are the quick fix, low cost, energy saving solution for organisations demanding a reduction in their rising energy costs.

They are ideal for switching lights off when not required and with energy savings of up to 50% the payback period is kept to a minimum. These UK manufactured, IP53 rated controls switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps (6A fluorescent) and are simply fixed to the end of a lighting batten. New to the range are two Spot Detection controls featuring a narrow (1.5m) zone of detection, ideal for access points into storage aisles.


One is available with a ‘passive’ photocell the other with Danlers radical one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell. Also new are two Batten Mount PIRs offering reduced height detection, ideal for environments with open grid flooring where false triggering can occur from other levels. The first variant has a ‘passive’ photocell the other offers Danlers radical one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell.


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