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Making it easy for electricians

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Responding to the need for reliable circuit protection solutions in homes and small buildings, global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric, has announced the launch of its Easy9 circuit protection range.

The extensive new range is designed to be affordable, without compromising on reliability or safety. The Easy9 range features insulated enclosures, metal enclosures, switch-disconnectors, RCCB residual current circuit

breakers, miniature circuit breakers and RCBO residual current devices, as well as a full range of C Curve MCBs.


The Easy9 range has been introduced in order to safeguard homeowners against electric shocks, overloads and short circuits, Featuring a high quality and user friendly design, Easy9, has curved edges and an innovative toggle mechanism, In addition, its sleek white exterior helps to maintain a stylish look and feel.

Schneider Electric

0870 608 8 608

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