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High-voltage brushless DC motor driver IC

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The new A4900 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a high-voltage (600 V) MOSFET gate-driver IC designed for driving brushless DC motors. This new device is designed for high-voltage motor control in hybrid and electric vehicles and 48 V automotive battery systems such as electronic power steering, air-conditioning compressors, fans, pumps and blowers. The A4900 is also available in a non-

automotive version for high-voltage industrial and commercial applications.



The new device incorporates six gate drives capable of driving a wide range of N-channel IGBT or power MOSFET switches. The gate drives are configured as three high-voltage high-side drives and three low-side drives. The high-side drives are isolated by up to 600 V to allow operation with high bridge (motor) supply voltages, and use a bootstrap capacitor to provide a voltage higher than the supply gate drive voltage needed for N-channel FETs. .


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