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Seven steps to successful standby power for data centres

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A resilient system for data centre power protection and security is critical to business continuity and resilience. That’s a given. Although there are various elements to a full turnkey standby power solution including; UPS systems, battery banks, power distribution networks, switch gear, bulk fuel storage etc, we’ve chosen to focus the attention on generators in this article, which is undoubtedly the keystone to the power support structure.

But what should you consider in the specification and installation of standby generators? To read the full article on all seven steps go to:

1) Initial survey

What are your business priorities and service level agreements? The survey ought to review all the physical considerations and limitations of your buildings and site.

2) System design

In data centres an N+1 generator and UPS configuration is a must. Depending on your needs, the design stage should consider the physical, environmental and health and safety aspects of the generator installation and housing.

3) Technical advice

Regardless of your initial assumptions it’s essential to make sure you get sound technical advice from a proven provider to ensure that the solution you go with is most suited to your requirements.

4) Scheduling and delivery

You may also need detailed location and transport surveys and, where necessary, consider for; weight and height limitations, specially arranged access, road closures, etc..

5) Installation

Successful installation is a carefully planned sequence of events. Some sites may require planning permissions and minor civil engineering works. This should be taken care of during the design process.

6) Commissioning

Commissioning the completed installation is an inspection and test process that ensures everything is safely and correctly installed and connected, fuelled and functioning exactly as it should be before integrating with the mains electrical supply.

7) Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance is essential in order to continue to produce optimum performance from the system.

To take the first step towards obtaining a suitable standby power solution for your data centre make contact with one of the UK’s leading technical experts in this field and book your initial survey at

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