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Improve energy efficiency of existing buildings with guidance from Cibse

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The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (Cibse) has published ‘TM53: Refurbishment of non-domestic buildings’, in print and online from the Cibse Knowledge Portal. This timely guidance offers key insights into making the most of the opportunities that arise from refurbishments.


Cibse president George Adams commented: “With energy efficiency being critical to combating climate change and the potential energy gap, this authoritative guidance on refurbishment offered by Cibse will support those improving performance of existing buildings which make up nearly 50% of carbon emissions.

“Making the current building stock consume significantly less energy contributes to our cities in the future to reduce their heat islands, lower carbon foot prints and lessen the demand on the already stretched energy infrastructures. Cities are key to the world’s energy problems and therefore the buildings within should strive through continuous improvement to be as energy efficient as possible and this new guide will assist in this huge challenge.”

Refurbishments can apply to any part of a building and its services from changes to the building fabric and the internal layout to individual systems such as the lighting scheme, and TM53 highlights what needs to be considered when assessing each individual system. To successfully complete a refurbishment project needs an appreciation of the existing building envelope and its services so that the limitations and possibilities can be assessed.

The guidance also looks at commissioning of renewable energy systems and delivery of effective natural ventilation in buildings. Principal author, associate professor Mark Jentsch was part of the dedicated steering group chaired by Mike Goodwin who helped shape this comprehensive technical memorandum.

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Business Channel TV Series

As well as producing TM53, Cibse has worked with the Business Channel on a series of programmes focused on refurbishment and retrofit through innovative engineering to improve building performance. Each programme features leading industry experts sharing knowledge about innovations and ideas on improving efficiency. Cibse president George Adams discusses the challenge the industry faces to upgrade the existing building stock in programme 4 of the series.

To see the Cibse Business Channel series on innovative engineering and building performance visit

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