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Advertorial: Not all electric radiators are the same…

Many people argue that a gas-powered central heating system is essential for keeping a home optimally heated, snubbing electric alternatives as ineffective and costly. Not all electric radiators are the same however. While storage heaters are extremely uneconomical and inconvenient – often pumping out too much heat when it is not needed and too little when it is – radiators from Economy Radiators are specifically engineered using industry-leading materials and components, for ultimate temperature and energy-consumption control.


Unlike gas heating systems, installation of our radiators involves no labour – each simply plugs into any 13 amp socket, without intrusive cables or piping. Our heaters also require much lower maintenance than traditional radiators.

Constructed from injection moulded aluminium, our radiators allow rapid heat dissipation and actually radiate, unlike storage heaters which convect heat, pushing warm air towards the ceiling while leaving the lower third of the room comparatively cold. Also featuring the most intelligent thermostat on the market, our radiators allow accurate and economical power consumption, with minimal energy waste. Once a room has reached the requested temperature, the thermostat will ensure only the exact amount of energy required will be utilised to maintain the climate.

While the use of (often very unattractive) night storage heaters is promoted by some due to the lower overnight electricity rates provided by Economy 10 and 7 tariffs, the “saving” offered is recouped (and then some) thanks to electricity companies’ ever-increasing day rates.

The multi-time and multi-temperature control interface on-board the heating solutions from allow preferred temperatures to be set on an hour-by-hour basis. This means it is far more economical to leave our radiators on 24/7, setting lower temperature outputs for warmer hours, or times you will be absent from your property. Priming the room with some ‘background’ heat ensures that when you turn the temperature up, the requested centigrade is reached quickly, and without overworking the internal elements or wasting electricity (much energy is required to keep reheating the elements from scratch).

This method for using our radiators is obviously most economical during the cold winter months – they can of course be turned off whenever warm weather prevails and all pre-set temperatures can be overridden at any time.

Economy Radiators: an attractive and practical investment

In addition to being economical, all three of our radiator styles – Ultra Slimline, Vertex and Slimplistique – can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Our radiators are slim, feature blue LED-lit digital displays, and do not comprise any ugly pipes or visible cables, making them a stylish and space-saving addition to any room, property build or renovation. They also require far less maintenance than traditional gas radiators.

An optional remote control with digital display is also available, allowing you to adjust temperature output quickly and easily without leaving the comfort of your bed or favourite armchair. All of our radiators are supplied with removable Linteum rails also, allowing you to transform the device into a heated towel rack in a matter of seconds, if desired.

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