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Application-specific movement detectors

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Finder has added three new application-specific movement detectors to its 18 series range. Specifically for sensing within larger rectangular areas such as lobbies and corridors, the 18.41 gives an extensive total detecting zone of 30 metres long by 4 metres wide.

Suitable for offices, schools and the general workplace, the 18.51 features an advanced lens and electronics system that achieves two detecting zones with different sensitivities. The central 4 x 4 metre zone responds to tiny movements such as the presence of a person working quietly in the workplace. Additionally, within an extended 8 x 8 metre zone, it will also respond to normal movements.


‘Twin-Mirror’ technology gives the 18.61 its exceptionally wide viewing angle of 180°. Specifically designed for fitting into new or existing wall boxes, the 18.61 can be installed in corridors along with the 18.41 but is equally suited to small spaces such as bathrooms or passage areas.

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