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White paper : Humidity effects, partial discharge and loss of power at substations

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Roxtec is a global leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of cable and pipe penetration sealing systems. Roxtec solutions effectively seal against water and ducts ingress into safety critical and sensitive electrical equipment and buildings.

In this white paper, Roxtec highlights the potential for electrical equipment failure resulting from high relative humidity within high voltage substations, typically operating at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV voltages.

Roxtec commissioned EA Technology to produce a report on the causes and effects of high relative humidity within indoor substation environments and methods of mitigation.

This influential report covers relative humidity and the effect it has on the inception or level of partial discharge (PD). The white Paper discusses the factors affecting the environment within a substation and the best practice for the design of high voltage substations and internal environment control.

The findings in this white paper have wide-reaching implications for the effective technical specification of cable sealing systems.

Cable sealing systems can reduce the risk of high voltage electrical equipment failure caused by partial discharge as a result of inadequate specification of cable transit systems.

The hard-hitting report concludes, “cable entry points are one of the main sources of water ingress to substations and they should be effectively sealed.” 

Who should read this?
A thorough and careful complete read is recommended to electrical industry professionals. This white paper should be mandatory reading for lead electrical engineers, electrical project engineers, principal electrical engineers, plant engineers, LV HV EHV cable jointers, ATEX inspectors, substation commissioning managers, LV HV EHV project managers, buyers and procurement managers, SAP’s.

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