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On-line tool selects MEPS compliant motors

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ABB has launched an on-line tool that makes it easier than ever to select motors to meet different minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). The tool makes it easy to choose the optimum motor to meet MEPS requirements as they change or are introduced to new areas.

The Optimizer can be found at or can be downloaded from the Apple store for iPad use. Motor users can select motors, compare running costs and get further documents about their motors.

The first stage in motor selection presents the user with eight drop down selection menus. Categories are MEPS area (e.g. EU, United States), efficiency class (IE2, IE3 etc), frame material, motor range, voltage, frequency, speed and power output.

Once the required characteristics are selected, the tool presents a list of suitable motors. For instance, selecting EU MEPS, IE3, dust ignition proof motors, 400 V, 50 Hz, all poles and all outputs, returns a list of 49 suitable motors and their characteristics.



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